Affordable VoIP Calling Solution - Monthly Subscription

Step into the future of business communication with our dynamic phone system! Enjoy the perks of free national calls and unparalleled call quality—all within an affordable fixed monthly subscription.

But wait, there’s more! Seamlessly integrate your SIP account into your cellphone using our innovative Mobile softphone application. Or, let us take care of everything by configuring your existing VoIP hardware for optimal performance.

Looking to upgrade your hardware? Reach out to us at for a personalized quote. Or, dive straight into endless communication possibilities by signing up for our monthly unlimited package below. Elevate your business communication today!

Business VoIP Services
A fully scalable PBX System and VoIP System service that gives you full control - Cyber Nugget IT Service Garden Route & Oudtshoorn

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Monthly recurring subscription charges apply for one user and can be canceled at any time. Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is enforced. Upon subscription, a QR code containing setup instructions will be emailed to the provided address. This number is compatible with existing cellphones or the customer's current VoIP hardware device. For assistance with VoIP hardware setup, we offer support via Teamviewer or Anydesk upon request. For further assistance, please log a support ticket by emailing Also note, these services requires mobile data / Internet. ( Quality depended on your internet speed )

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