Make and Receive your Business or Home calls on your Mobile Phone

a Simple, cloud-based phone system with built-in VoIP PBX features on the go!

Discover the power of our cloud phone system with built-in VoIP PBX features, designed for seamless communication on the go!

With our intuitive Cloud Softphone App, stay connected by receiving and making calls using your Business Landline or Home Landline Number, directly from your mobile phone. Never miss an important call again!

Unlock savings with our cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for expensive office phones, installations, and software. Enjoy affordable call rates to any local network!

Choose between our flexible Prepaid or PostPaid Packages with NO CONTRACTS required. Contact us at to get started.

Next-Generation Tele Communication

Experience the future of telecommunication with Cloud Softphone, a feature-packed and personalized VoIP Softphone. Benefit from easy account setup and configuration through one-touch provisioning.

Discover the convenience of porting your existing landline number or acquiring a new Landline Number through our service.

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